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Listing ID: 6262 Sausage Production line Closed

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Auction Info: Sausage Production line Closed

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Description: Sausage Production line Closed

Frozen meat cutting machine:
The frozen meat cutting machine can directly cut frozen meat pieces, which is an indispensable equipment in the processing of meat products. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, and the blade is made of high quality alloy with good cutting effect. There is no need to thaw during the production process, and it can directly cut all kinds of frozen meat from -18°C to -12°C . This machine reduces the freezing and thawing time and avoids the loss of nutrients during the meat re-lowering process, and reduces the users’ cost. The frozen meat cutting machine makes the meat free from secondary pollution and loss, ensuring the deliciousness , nutrients and taste.

The frozen meat cutting machine draws on the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, and combines with the actual processing technology of China to develop and produce. It has stable performance, small input and high production efficiency.

Frozen Meat Grinder:
Frozen meat grinder is common equipment for processing meat product.
Frozen meat grinder can grind the frozen meat directly, and can produce meat particles of various specifications .The cutting knife can be replaced according to different process requirements.
The application of the pulverizer to the frozen meat combined with the frozen meat slicer can effectively reduce the production cost and temperature rise of the raw meat during the processing.
Frozen meat grinder is made of stainless steel.It is easy to be handled and cleaned with stable performance and high productivity.

Vegetable and Meat Cutter and Mixer:
Vegetable and Meat Cutter and Mixer is a new design with turbine and worm gear drive, which make the structure more compact.The bowl, bowl of Vegetables and Meat Cutters and blenders, all materials are stainless steel, durable and beautiful in shape. The speed reducer of the meat slicer consists of high-quality aluminum alloy and Cooper-type worm gears with high quality.

Vegetable and Meat Cutter and Mixer is quickly to chop the food such as meat vegetable and the fruit to make the stuffing.And it is easy to control and clean with the power saving features.

Good Quality Meat Food Stuffing Mixer:
Full automation Meat Stuffing Mixer: high degree of automation, accurate quantity, small internal pressure, unified product size, adjustable at random, and one person can operate;
2, Advanced design: The advanced conveying surface and filling system fully protect the surface’s sturdiness, making the filling smoother and more uniform.No matter which filling method can make the product forming effect better;

Reasonable structure: independent motor drives.It is not easy to cause joint failure, and it is convenient for maintenance, disassembly and cleaning;
4, High efficiency: work efficiency is equivalent to 10-20 workers at the same time manual filling, real low investment, high efficiency, saving investment;

Hydraulic Enema Machine:
Hydraulic Enema Machine is a necessary sausage filling equipment. The Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer Machine is widely applicable to a variety of intestinal filling systems,especially to the drier fillings and meat fillings . The machine upper part has a storage hopper and disc valve,continuously flipping irrigation system, which improve the work efficiency.

1.It can make large, medium, small bowel products of various specifications.
2.This product has beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, convenient operation and safe and reliable operation.
3.Hydraulic Sausage Machine hopper, valve, enema tube and outer packaging are made of high quality stainless steel.
4.The material of cylinder can be chosen according to customers` requirements to meet higher food hygiene requirements.
5.Hydraulic Sausage Machine applies to sheep casings, hog casings, collagen casings, plastic casings.

Sausage Binding Wire Machine:
The Sausage Binding Wire Machine is made of stainless steel. Its structure is compact,and it is easy to use, practical and beautiful. It is an ideal equipment for sausages and intestines.
The Sausage Binding Wire Machine adopts advanced import servo motor and the new company-owned man-machine interface control system, which have the advantages of high efficiency, easy control and saving production materials.
The length and diameter of the product can be set according to the requirements of the customer.
Features of the Sausage Binding Wire Machine

The efficiency of producing sausages is greatly improved. Under normal circumstances, the efficiency of sausage automatic cable tying is: 10~500 strips/minute, which can be arbitrarily set according to customer requirements.

It is clean and environmentally friendly because the equipment is mainly made of stainless steel which is suitable for food.The sausage does not come into contact with other metals during the production process.
Therefore, the sausages procedures are more in line with the increasingly strict hygiene requirements of people.

Meat Smoking Oven:
Meat Smoking Oven has the function of cooking, drying, smoking, cleaning and security protection. Unique air circulation system of the Meat Smoking Oven effectively ensure the consistency of the product`s temperature and humidity in baking, cooking, drying, smoking and other processes , which can ensuring the product’s color and appearance.
Working principle:
For this Meat Smoking Oven,controlled by computer , human-machine interface screen is displayed simultaneously on one screen with a variety of parameters in order to monitor the operating status;it enables remote control, print recipe, temperature, humidity curve;and it can store 100 formulation processes.

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